[spark-tuh-vist] noun
1. An especially active, vigorous advocate for Sparkrock

What can you gain from being a Sparktivist?

Make a Charitable Donation

Sparktivist Points can be redeemed for a $250 donation to any organization of your choosing. You can even make a contribution to your own organization!



Have a Coffee (Or More!) On Us

You’ve put in the work to earn Sparktivist Points and now you should sit back and relax. Redeem 50 points for a $50 giftcard to any store or retailer you want.



How can Sparktivists earn points?

Complete an Online Review of Sparkrock

Checking out online peer review sites is a popular way for companies to review and compare software options. Share your experience using Sparkrock in a quick 10 minute review so your peers can find out more about why you love your Sparkrock solution.

Step 1.  Click on one or all of the sites below:


Software Advice

 Step 2. Take 10 mins to share your experience using Sparkrock’s solutions

Step 3. Email to tell us about your review(s) and we’ll record your points

Earn 25 Points Per Review

Share Your Industry Knowledge

Our goal is to create relevant and informative content that helps nonprofits effectively manage their finances, staff and organization as a whole. And to do that, we need your help. By sharing your industry knowledge or organization’s story in one of our content pieces you help us as well as everyone else.

Participate in a Webinar

Earn 50 Points


Be Featured in a Case Study

Earn 250 Points (Written)
Earn 100 Points (Video)


Contribute to a Blog Post

Earn 50 Points


Make a Reference Call

Earn 25 Points


Fill in our Referral Form

Earn 50 Points

How do you Redeem Points?

If you ever want to know your Sparktivists point balance or want to redeem your points for one of our awesome prizes, email us at We’ll check your balance and let you know what rewards you’re eligible to redeem before adjusting your balance accordingly.