Anila Cufaj

General Accountant & Office Manager

"Why" I work at Sparkrock:

Anila is dedicated to ensuring that we are always capable of providing solutions that are right for you. She loves what she does here at Sparkrock and loves that she gets to help non-profit organizations.

"What" do I do at Sparkrock:

Anila is our General Accountant and Office manager. She is responsible for all full cycle accounting at Sparkrock and ensures all accounting functions from Payables, Receivables, Financial reporting and Analysis, and Payroll are completed to the highest quality. She is very excited to be working at Sparkrock because she gets to apply her past experiences as well as gain valuable professional experience.

"How" do I do it:

Anila graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Accounting at the University of Tirana, which was then evaluated at the University of Toronto. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Certified General Accounting from the Ministry of Finance in Tirana, Albania. Currently, she is pursuing her CPA designation in Toronto.

Before working at Sparkrock, Anila worked in a multitude of industries from a legal services company to a print manufacturing company, and even for a non-profit organization. At LexisNexis Canada, a legal services company, she gained 5 years of valuable industry experience and has developed a unique perspective when it comes to problem-solving. Anila brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will surely contribute to goals we set out to achieve at Sparkrock.

When Anila isn’t working hard at Sparkrock, she enjoys dancing and going for long walks.

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