Chris Carre

Solution Engineer

"Why" I work at Sparkrock:

Chris is dedicated to helping you better support the people you serve through his technology expertise. He particularly enjoys helping organizations in the public sector because he feels that by supporting these organizations, he is helping them to make a bigger impact and touch the lives of those they serve.

"What" do I do at Sparkrock:

At Sparkrock, Chris is our Solution Engineer. He is responsible for helping organizations decide if Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM are a good fit based on their requirements. He introduces potential clients to the solution, discusses any current challenges they may be having, performs webinars and demos, and if we have found a fit, Chris assists with aligning the best possible resources for their project. He loves being continuously challenged in the work he does, as no two organizations are the same, with each having their own unique requirements. During demos of Sparkrock products he strives to give the best possible explanation of how a solutions can work well with an organization’s unique needs.

"How" do I do it:

Chris received a Marketing diploma from Sheridan College along with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Davenport University. Not only is Chris helping those in the nonprofit and public sectors through the work he does for Sparkrock, he also dedicates a large part of his life outside of work to giving back. He volunteers with Acclaim Health and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. When Chris isn’t at Sparkrock, or volunteering his time, he loves playing any and all sports—except basketball, which he claims he is “useless” at. He also enjoys board games and the strategy involved in playing them.

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