Claudia Roy

Customer Advisory Board Member


Organization: Parkland C.L.A.S.S

About Claudia:

Claudia has been at Parkland C.L.A.S.S. for 13 years and is the Director of Human Resources. She went to school for Psychology followed by a diploma in Human Resources and had always been interested in professions that helped people, so she wanted to find a job that gave her the best of both worlds. Before joining Parkland, Claudia worked in the frontline with those with disabilities as a Direct Support Professional. Since coming on as Parkland's Director of HR she has seen the organization grow in size and the number of services they are able to deliver. Their HR department has also grown and with this came the need for more staffing support.


Claudia became a Customer Advisory Board member because she was interested in hearing what other organizations in the public sphere were doing in regards to their operations. She was looking forward to getting ideas from like-minded individuals as, at the time, Parkland was still going through the implementation of their solution, and saw the CAB as a good opportunity to learn from others. Claudia also appreciates how Sparkrock goes to great efforts making connections with their customers to find out what they need and why they're needing it.