Dawn Carlyle

Customer Advisory Board Member


Organization: District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board

About Dawn:

Dawn has been at the District of Nipissing Social Services Admin Board for 7 years and is the Acting Finance Supervisor. When she first joined the organization she was so impressed by the work they were doing and their focus on residents that are most at risk and vulnerable in society. In her opinion, DNSSAB still has that same commitment to its community that it had when she started, but has grown tremendously as well. Internally the organization is now using technology to be able to create a greater impact and better leverage their funds and the people working for them in order to better serve their clients. What Dawn enjoys most about working for DNSSAB is knowing that they are truly making a difference in people's lives, especially when positive testimonials come in from their clients.


Becoming a Customer Advisory Board Member was an easy decision for Dawn. She already knew she liked how client-oriented Sparkrock is and how the focus is directed to the public sphere vs. the private. Dawn enjoys being able to easily talk with Sparkrock consultants and staff about DNSSAB's experiences and growth, while always being offered support and resources to ensure they succeed at their mission. By being a CAB member Dawn feels that she is just further enhancing this already strong relationship and gives her the opportunity to learn more about Sparkrock products and solutions. Another benefit to being on the CAB in Dawn's opinion is that she get's to interact with other Sparkrock clients from different communities or who focus on a different type of social service, which opens her eyes to new and innovative ways other organizations are using their solution.