Ian Mack

Customer Advisory Board Member


Organization: Region Ten Community Services Board

About Ian:

Ian first started at Region Ten Community Services Board in 2011 and is their Information Technology Analyst. He started working at Region Ten because he wanted to be able to have a career that allowed him to help people do something other than just line their pockets - he wanted to make a difference in the community and in people's lives. Ian has seen the organization grow substantially in the time he's been there, especially in terms of Region Ten's IT. When he first started, the organization didn't really have any network at all or any basic IT capabilities. Now they have a Microsoft-based systems and have just been able to roll out smartphones and tablets to their employees, making their jobs more mobile and easily accessible. Ian's favourite thing about the work he does is being able to make an organizational-wide difference with the technology he has helped implement. He notes how the Sparkrock solution has been the biggest change in the organization recently, and is what has allowed Region Ten to expand from the small "mom-and-pop shop" it used to be, to an organization that can serve more people more effectively.


Ian joined the Customer Advisory Board because he knew that Region Ten would be able to provide a fresh perspective as they are a more recent customer. He also wanted to do his best at staying integrated with what Sparkrock was doing from a customer perspective and wanted to ensure he is continuously learning and improving his knowledge of the Sparkrock solution so that his organization can have the best system possible. Ian likes that the Customer Advisory Board allows him to interact with other Sparkrock clients that are in the same boat as him to be able to share experiences, collaborate, and gain a new perspective on things.