Inga Bagrinceve

Senior Application Consultant

"Why" I work at Sparkrock:

Inga hopes to help you keep up with the rapidly changing world through reliable and effective solutions. She really enjoys working at Sparkrock because she gets to stay in the loop with all the latest technology, be a part of a professional team that offers opportunities for growth and learning, as well as work directly with clients and help make their lives easier.

"What" do I do at Sparkrock:

At Sparkrock, Inga works as a Senior Application Consultant, she is responsible for working directly with clients to ensure the successful implementation of our solutions into their business. This includes guiding clients in learning how to use their solution effectively, as well as supporting them through the transition process.

"How" do I do it:

Inga holds a Masters of Management and Business Administration (Audit) from Vilnius University along with a Bachelor of Finance from Vilnius Kolegija, University of Applied Science in Lithuania. She started her career as an accountant, and after 5 years decided that she needed a change. She then started working as an analyst and consultant at a leading IT company in Lithuania. In 2013, she moved to Canada and continued working as a senior Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant. Now she is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and has over 13 years of Dynamics NAV experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations, application and support. Her strong accountancy background and understanding of business processes has allowed her to complete many successful implementation projects.

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