Kathryn Richard

Consulting Resources Manager

"Why" I work at Sparkrock:

Kathryn is dedicated to providing our clients with quality solutions to allow them to focus on providing valuable services and programs to their communities. She strives to build a team that can deliver excellence to our customers and help them get the most out of their solutions.  

"What" do I do at Sparkrock:

 Here at Sparkrock, Kathryn manages an amazing team of consultants and works at removing roadblocks and issues to help them be successful. She ensures that overall project objectives are met and is eager to create more consistent implementation processes and tools to better serve our clients. 

"How" do I do it:

Before joining the Sparkrock team, Kathryn gained extensive experience implementing software in a variety of industries and organizations, including over 10 years at JDEdwards ERP consulting and project management.

Kathryn graduated from York University with a degree in Business Administration, alongside earning a Computer Programming Diploma from Humber College and receiving her PMP designation. When she's not working hard to manage our consultant team, Kathryn loves to golf with her husband; they even got married on a golf course in Hawaii! While she's not at the skill level she'd like to be, she likes to get out on the green at least once a week. 


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