Meg Wilson

Senior Sales Consultant

"Why" I work at Sparkrock 

Meg thrives on helping organizations and the people they serve, and takes a collaborative approach to educate nonprofits on techonology that can help them deliver on their outcomes. From a young age, Meg has been actively involved with nonprofits and has always been passionate about helping them make a difference in their communities. 

"What" I do at Sparkrock

Here at Sparkrock, Meg is one of our Senior Sales Consultants and works directly with clients to help them find a solution that will help them accomplish their goals in the most impactful and efficient way. She helps guide clients through the sales process, offering guidance and support along the way. 

"How" I do it 

Meg brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the Sparkrock team. Graduating with degrees in Economics and Commerce,  Meg went on to work for a nonprofit organization as Director of Finance and has worked in Finance for most of her career. After participating in an IT transformation project, she realized that her future was in technology and felt that she could deliver a more tangible difference to make nonprofits more effective and efficient. 

Outside of work, Meg believes it's important to have a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a big fan of swimming, running, skating, skiing, and kayaking, and loves spending time outdoors. When she's not being active outdoors, Meg enjoys reading and spending time with her kids. As a busy mom of 4, Meg believes raising kids has helped her to be better at her job and better serve her clients.

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