Michael Kaptein

Business Systems Analyst

"Why" I work at Sparkrock

Michael works hard to get your data to talk to you and show you how it can be used to make your operations more efficient and effective. He is dedicated to helping nonprofits use the information they have to better reach their goals, accomplish their mission, and make a larger impact on the communities they serve.

"What" I do at Sparkrock

At Sparkrock, Michael is part of our Professional Services team and works as a Business Systems Analyst. In this role, Michael assists in the development of new products and works hard to deliver Jet Reports and Power BI. Michael enjoys dealing with the breadth of diverse clients Sparkrock works with and finds fulfillment in helping them learn, grow, and overcome challenges.  

"How" I do it 

Michael started out in the computer business when there were punch cards and reels of tape. He completed his degree in Computer Science from Dalhousie University and decided to become a chartered accountant. Michael has a lot of experience in many different industries, including the television, insurance, and software industries. 

Michael brings humour to the job (he likes to think he's really funny...) and can always find the lighter, brighter side of things. Outside of work, he enjoys playing tennis and badminton, and his grandkids are always keeping him on his toes. 

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