Nicola Dickinson

VP of Client Success, Founding Partner

"Why" I work at Sparkrock:

Nicola strongly believes that you are a vital component of creating a better world and it’s our responsibility to enable you to soar.

"What" do I do at Sparkrock:

Nicola, who helped build Sparkrock, feels that the best is yet to come.   A believer in the nonprofit sector, Nicola won’t stop her drive for Sparkrock to not only be a great place to work but an important partner to growing nonprofit organizations.

Today, you can find Nicola listening to customers, supporting the employees in their professional development and leading the marketing team to break new barriers in ERP and CRM for Nonprofits. If you catch Nicola in the hallway she’ll take any opportunity to share why ‘Together for the Greater Good’ is truly Sparkrock’s purpose – working together as a team and with our customers all for the greater good.

"How" do I do it:

A graduate of the Bachelor of Business Economics Program at Brock University, Nicola started her career with a passion for business and a desire to build a business.  Nicola began her education in sales by starting her career with London Life Insurance selling Employee Benefits and learning many aspects of human resources in the corporate market.  Nicola gained some international work experience in Sydney Australia at the New South Wales Rail Authority interning for the engineering department while they prepared for the Australian Olympics 2000 Games. She then continued her international work experience in London, England at Visa operating in the new Visa Cash department.  Once Nicola returned back to Canada, Nicola got her first entrepreneur bug when she worked for a startup organization, Universal Medical Records, forging marketing strategies for online medical records.

Nicola, a busy mother of two, has a long history of volunteer experience from Kidney Foundation Door to Door campaigns, start up triathlons for cancer research and her latest volunteer experience in mentoring young entrepreneurs at Futurepreneur.

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