Sofia Kitsis

Application Consultant

"Why" I work at Sparkrock 

 To understand your needs and guide you through improving your technology landscape. Sofia has a “hobby of helping” people and loves the work that Sparkrock does for nonprofits and overcoming challenges.

"What" I do at Sparkrock

 At Sparkrock, Sofia’s role is an Application Consultant. Through this position she is able to help clients get the maximum benefits possible from Sparkrock’s solutions. Because of her great understanding of the systems, she is able to take any complex problems and translate them into an easy to understand solution, greatly benefiting Sparkrock’s clients. 

"How" I do it 

 Sofia received her Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Management at the Open University of Israel and went on to be a Certified General Accountant (CGA) and Certified Professional Accountant (CPA). Sofia has an extensive background in accounting through working as a controller in previous companies and as a senior accountant in others. Through these experiences she has learned that she hates routines, and loves project-based work, accounting, and problem solving.

No stranger to change, Sofia was born in Russia and immigrated to Israel at the age of 17, before immigrating to Canada in 2006. At Sparkrock, she enjoys the constant opportunities for growth though the projects and problems she solves.

In her free time, Sofia loves spending time with friends and family and reading. She currently has a mile long list of books she wants to read, starting with classic novels, science fiction, history, and finally psychology.

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