Victor Bacho

Senior Application Consultant

"Why" I work at Sparkrock:

Victor is focused on finding creative solutions that take your efficiency to new heights. He really enjoys what he does at Sparkrock because he gets to help our clients make better use of their information and technology to help grow their organization and make a greater impact on the people they serve.

"What" do I do at Sparkrock:

At Sparkrock, Victor is a Senior Application Consultant focusing on our ERP project deliveries. He uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to help improve the processes of our clients and works very closely with them to ensure the successful implementation of our solutions.

"How" do I do it:

Victor earned a degree in Computer Software Design from Ryerson University, formerly known as Ryerson Polytechnic University. He has over 35 years of experience implementing business application software and managing large development and customization projects.

Before working at Sparkrock, Victor had worked in nearly every aspect of the business software industry in North and South America. From project management to business analysis, Victor has seen it all.

From his experiences, Victor has developed his ability to resolve challenging business and technical issues by applying proactive problem solving and strong analytical skills, while working with a collaborative approach to promote a strong team framework both internally and within the client environment.

 When he’s not working, Victor enjoys playing and watching tennis, as well as riding his bike.

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