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Finance & Accounting

Manage funding with ease and benefit from complete control over budgets and approvals, and peace of mind when reporting on the use of public funds.


Workforce Management

Make it easier for staff to do their jobs with easy payroll management, employee HR self-service, training and certification management, and more.

Online Employee Scheduling

With smart scheduling based on qualifications, shift bidding, employee self-serve access, and integration to payroll, it's never been easier to manage your staff schedules.

K12 School Board Management

Manage your school board's budgets in real time, track and streamline payroll and procurement processes, and easily complete Government reporting in one easy to use system.

"The best thing about the Sparkrock solution is the way it links Human Resources to Scheduling, to Payroll, and then ultimately to Finance. Now that we have all four modules implemented and stable, the magic and the beauty of it is how they link together and speak to one another for admin and financial purposes."

- Trevor Ducharme, Director of Administration | The Robin Hood Association

Finance & Accounting

A finance solution that works the way you do. Our all-in-one solution offers flexible and robust capabilities to help your organization increase transparency and reduce risk.

  • Reduce manual time and effort required for financial activities
  • Purchasing and expenses, without the headache
  • Become a pro at grants and fund accounting
  • All the real-time budget data you need to make smart decisions

Impact & Performance Reporting Best Practices

Reporting is an essential activity you must do in order to remain transparent and compliant with funder regulations. But wouldn’t it be great if you could report on more meaningful information than just financial statistics? Impact & Performance Reporting is the practice of analyzing the overall outcomes that your programs are having on your clients and community. This webcast covers:

  • What Impact & Performance Reporting is, why it is important and how to use it
  • Steps to implementing outcome-based reporting

  • Examples of what performance-based reporting can look like

Financial Risk Assessment

Our 30min assessment will provide you with an insightful custom report that will help you better understand …  

  • If your current software version is supported
  • What manual workarounds you have in place
  • Your ability to track compliance
  • The ability for your staff to safely access important data remotely


Do you spend too much time getting your financial data in the desired format? Is your finance team bogged down with collecting data from multiple sources and ensuring it's the same across departments or locations? How long does it take to pull the critical funder reporting that you need – and when you get it, are you sure of its accuracy?

We’ve helped many Nonprofits end their Excel nightmare and get one-click funder reporting.

Check out this 90sec video to find out how.

single source of truth when reporting to funders


That pile of timesheets sitting on someone on your team’s desk is the thing they dread most about their job. What if I told you that you could take manual timesheet entry right out of your process? By linking payroll to an online time entry and scheduling system, we can eliminate a lot of extra steps and ensure that all your employees get paid the right amount, and on time.

We helped a Nonprofit take their payroll process from 1 week to 2hrs.

Check out this 90sec video to find out how.

no more manual processes


Do you wonder why your scheduler always seems frazzled? They have to juggle so many staff requests, remember all your scheduling rules, adhere to stiff labor regulations and know that if they make a mistake it could mean that a client in need doesn’t have anyone show up for a shift. 

We helped a customer reduce their employee scheduling process from 35+ steps to 4 steps.

Check out this 90sec video to find out how.


easy employee scheduling

Implementation Services

Our comprehensive, proven deployment plan offers flexibility and freedom by allowing clients to implement at their own pace.

At the same time, consultants with deep subject matter expertise oversee the entire process to make sure that implementation is completed accurately and thoroughly.



Our online Sparkrock Academy puts knowledge articles, training videos, manuals and onboarding courses at your fingertips. 

We also have a blog bursting with amazing content, regular eLearning webinars on new features and we host the best (and most fun) annual user conference in the industry.


Success & Support

With everything from a fast, reliable, unlimited helpdesk to customer success staff that regularly check-in to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment - we’ve got a team dedicated to your success with our solution.

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